Jan 10

Check out the 2019 PAL® High School Conference Tees!


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Dec 17

PAL® Innovative Course Update

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December 26, 2018

Attention Teachers and School Administrators:


The Peer Assistance and Leadership (PAL®) program is aware that schools and districts are always looking to prepare for future school years and what programming will be offered. With that, we are happy to share that we are currently in the process renewing both courses with the Texas Education Agency (TEA).

This is a normal and customary process that we follow according to TEA’s timeline. We will provide any updates as they are made known to us by TEA. The process typically takes several months to complete and we look forward to another successful outcome to this very important initiative.


Debra Ellison
Chief Executive Officer
Workers Assistance Program, Inc.

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Dec 11

We have a winner!

We have a winner!!

Thank you to everyone who voted in our 2019 PAL® High School Conference Theme Contest!

The 2019 theme will be “It’s a Matter of Kindness,” which was submitted by Anson High School PAL®s. Look forward to seeing this design incorporated on our official 2019 PAL® High School Leadership Conference T-Shirts!



Please remember that the deadline for regular priced registration is this Friday, December 15th, with late registration extended to December 21st. If you would like to attend but need more time to register, please contact us at info@palusa.org prior to the registration deadline.


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Dec 03

The 2019 theme contest is now live! Cast your vote today.

Our theme contest for the PAL® High School Leadership Conference is now live!

Be sure to cast your vote, here, by December 10th, 2018.


Your 2019 Theme Submissions:


“It’s a Matter of Kindness”

JOIN THE REVOLUTION Agents of change“Join the Revolution: PAL® Agents of Change” 


“We’re Incredible: Heroes in the Making” 



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Nov 28

Scholarship Opportunity for the 2019 PAL® High School Conference

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 8.23.15 AMClick here for more details!


If you still haven’t yet registered for the conference, please feel free to do so here.

For more information about the agenda, what to bring, and hotel discounts, please visit our conference page.

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