Tory Gant of PAL
Tory Gant, Training Director

About Tory Gant

Tory Gant has been our PAL® Training Director for over twenty years. He is an energetic motivational speaker with a unique, and often humorous style of speaking that engages, inspires, and gets people fired up to create positive change in their lives and communities!

Tory equips PAL® students with leadership skills and personal development opportunities which enable them to reach their potential, forge successful paths, and be a driving force that gives rise to change. He provides training and support to PAL® teachers as they run successful PAL® programs and join us in creating better schools and communities.

Committed to helping people, Tory has been able to take part in community outreach on the streets of Austin, Texas. He has guided gang members in overcoming destructive lifestyles and becoming positive role models for their communities. He has also held the privilege of keynote speaker at numerous conferences and youth development events across the nation.